Thursday, 19 January 2012

Meet Hayley :)

Hello !

So this is my first ever post ! The thought of my own blog is quite exciting, to think that I have substantial thoughts in this swirling sifting mind of mine is pretty weird, and the fact that I think they are probably worth penning down is probably not a fact at all, only a rather pathetic dream. 

My name is Hayley, and it is really nice to meet you all (Well, meeting in terms of seeing you appear as an added number in my number of views count). 

If you were to ever meet me, I think what you would see would be your average girl.

Long brown hair, straight as a feather, running til the small of my back, set against little green eyes. Slight frame, pale skin, eccentric and bubbly, inviting and open, yet awfully awkward at the same time. I stutter when I'm nervous, I jumble up my words when I am not sure what to say and my eyes give away every lie I ever utter - not that I ever lie, blink blink twitch.  

I gasp when I'm surprised, and freeze as still as stone when frightened (bring a spider around and I can demonstrate for you). 

I'm not special, I'm not drastically set apart. But I wouldn't change me for the world, and that has to count for something right?

This isn't really an ArHi post, quite contradictory to the title of my Blog, perhaps it was slightly misnamed. This is MY World of ArHi, a world which I want to share with you, a world that I would like to imprint in my heart, just like Arnav and Khushi.

I can only hope that it will leave you smiling :) or angry, or tearful, or upset or fearful.

What I really mean to say is, I can only hope that my blog will leave you feeling something because isn't that everything?

To feel you are, to feel you exist, to feel, that through all the sadness in the world, you know of love and to feel alive, for once that feeling is gone, I'm afraid, you may never get it back. 

Love Hayley x

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