Thursday, 19 January 2012

Teri Meri Prem Kahani...

Yesterday night, whilst I was pleasantly minding my own business, I see a post appear on India Forums about a new Promo and naturally my heart starts pacing and I click open the link.

Next think I know Im hyperventilating and have to take a second to breathe and calm down.

Yes Hayley, you saw right, Arnav and Khushi are dancing in a new promo for Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. I waited for about an hour, despite having to wake up less than 4 hours later for school, but I finally gave in with no video or pictures present for us poor folk who live outside of the real land of ArHi (India).

The next morning, I wake up eagerly, and there it is. A youtube video so gracefully present on my screen I almost have a fit trying to press play.

And there it was. I felt like I needed to see it before I believed it, and Gosh was it worth it!

Khushi draped in a beautiful dress, which I only discovered later, closley resembled the one Kareena Kapoor wore in the original video. She looks stunning, as always, and so does the leading man Arnav, with his breathtaking smirk, he steals all our hearts (especially Khushi’s). The hand *swoon* on her waist and back, it was perfect.

The promo has us all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to watch what happens, how it happens and why it happens? I have been having fun the this week, looking out for episodes, in anticipation of the dance of the century and impending scorpion doom story. The CV’s have so much lined up for us, and I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed for some phenomenal ArHi scenes.

If you are reading this now, I hope you are also looking forward to what lies ahead... unless you are reading this after all the episodes have aired, in which case, it is not quite as interesting.

Who would have thought the Sangeet would be such a big event?

All I can say is, Arnav, Khushi, aap dono ki prem kahani do lafzon me kya, puri kitaab me bhi bayaa nahi ho sakti ^_^

Give me some credit for that! I dont speak Hindi :p         


  1. Yes you are right.d moment I saw it, I was like dead..waiting for something big to happen since 7 months..this has been a real BIG BANG..

    1. I haven't even been watching the show for 7 months :) but gosh, I wasn't expecting this at all! They had dumbed down the romance and intensity for a while there, I didn't think they would throw this at us out of no where! It certainly is a pleasant treat!

  2. yep u r right..they have taken us for some weird ride in between..this was also because of few complaints made by some core feminist that this show is about manhandling..those viewers r happy if they see ugly non-realistic kitchen politics where a woman does not understand another funny..but i still want to have some faith on creatives..especially on ASR character and the relation between ARHI...that is the soul of this show..


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