Thursday, 19 January 2012

To All my India-Forums Friends

Hello Everyone :) 
This is a message to all of my India Forums friends! So I have collected a wonderful bunch of readers, over 440 of you on there, and it has become very difficult to PM everyone of you when I update, so anyone wanting updates should email me at telling me they want updates, whether you are an India Forums member or not, and I will add you to my email update list as the PM system for me has officially stopped !

You can subscribe to my blog too, or become a follower, for which the boxes are available on this page.
Please ask away if you are confused! I will compile all my completed stories here, but will update regularly on IF so if you want the updates quickly, be sure to email me!

I hope you all stay in touch and continue to read some of the crazy stuff I come up with

Lots of Love 
Hayley x


  1. hayley!
    i think this is a gr8 idea, i really like your os/ss/ff's esp TOA and Holding on n lettin go. Updt your other sotry soon plz

    and i hv registered for emails, how do i bcum a follower?

    1. Hello Jiya ! It's nice to hear from you, you are my first commenter so that is really nice! If you scroll down on the right side, under Blog Archive there is a Followers sign, you can become one by clicking on the link provided there. Thank you for writing, I will update Where Happiness Lives on my Blog tomorrow and on India Forums over the weekend, if you have subscribed, you should get an email when I do :)

  2. Hey Hayley! This is Aanya, i.e Aanya_taanu4evr from IF :)
    I think the blog is a brilliant idea <3 I look forward to stories over here :)


    1. Hey Aanya, I know you from I-F !! Thank you for taking the time out to come and post! I hope you have subscribed, I plan on updating Where Happiness Lives tomorrow :)

      Im a bit over excited for my first blog update ^_^

    hey so its aish aka malluangel and you. are.
    like wow!
    im totally doing this buahah

    1. Hey Aish ! I'm glad you like it !

      Hayley :) x

  4. hey asumi0350 from IF here

    for some reason( i mean obvious reason) - blogs are comfortable any day!

    I have been a blogger in this site for a while, but din't update much, because din't really have a reason to come back here :D may be your updates will again give the inspiration for me to go electronic instead of paper and pen . . . lol

    totally looking forward for loads of works here

    p.s congrats for the blog and yeah! HAPPY BLOGGING :D :)

    1. Hey Asumi, thank you so much ! And you have a blog on here? I must check it out some time (not when im checking in 5 minutes before I have to get reading to leave for school like I am now ^_^)

      thank you for checking in, I hope you enjoy my updates :)
      x Hayley

  5. It's pgm7 from IF here.

    Congratulations on your new blog!I not much of a gadget person so I don't really check my email regularly. I'd rather call or text a person :P But your updates will totally give me a reason to check my email regularly.! Looking forward to lots of work from you.

    Happy blogging :D

    1. Aww thank you so much and I'm glad you subscribed :) xx

  6. bravo
    simply superb i luv ur posts really nycc congrats on your new blog :-)
    - icegurl789

    1. Thank you so much, I know you from I-F :P

      I hope you check back for updates, thanks for commenting :) x

  7. hi dear..
    congratzzz.. this is sruthi from IF.
    gr8 idea...will alwayz love to read ur works!!!

    loadz of luv

    1. Thank you Sruthi! I hope you subscribed :) x

  8. No, We are not thinking who Hayley is because we love her work so damn much that we will care to subscribe to her blog :)
    It looks complicated to me right now, considering I'm not into blogging, even reading blogs for that matter. But I guess I will figure it out quite soon :)

    Your blog looks pretty pretty :D
    I'm sure this is an awesome idea!!
    Looking forward to your updates here :)
    Happy Blogging :D

    I'm Richie-Rich from IF btw :)

    1. I knew who it was when I read the top bit ! I know, Im not into blogging that much either, but it was an idea I was willing to try to get over PMing the life out of myself

      Anywhoo, I hope you find it okay after a while, and I did change the design so :) I hope you still like it :)

      Love Hayles

  9. Hiya congrats... This is Sapphire_gyal38 here from IF.
    I think this is an excellent idea as I also find it very confusing on IF so hopefully this will work. Anyways keep up with the wonderful writing and good luck

    1. thank you tanzie ! Unfortunantly, i found it so confusing to update everything so my blog will remain a blog with my compiled stories, but new stuff will go on I-F with updates being sent out to whoever send me an email to

      thanks for your comment though :)

  10. Hi Hayley,

    Great blog. Wonderfully done. Thanks for all the emails. Love your ffs.

    Take Care,


    1. Thank you so much Armin, for all the likes and comments and emails, you are such a wonderful reader (and person)

      Love, Hayley <3


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