Saturday, 25 February 2012

My week with IPKKND, in video :)

Hello Everyone ! 


I have not decided to unleash upon you minutes and minutes worth of my ranting and face pulling for the future, I just thought I would make one more video because everyone was really nice about the first one 

(which if you haven't seen by the way, you can watch by clicking here - on india forums or here - at my blog)
and I just had a few things to say to my computers in built (and very grainy) camera, so I thought I might as well share.

The video pretty much explains itself, I hope you don't feel like you have wasted precious time which you could have productively used to rewatch ArHi scenes on youtube :p after you are done watching it.

Well, I will stop rambling.. watch away ...

And if you guys want to check out some of my stories, here is my index :) 

Love Hayley x

Vlog Index 
Video 1 (Hayley being silly and IPKKND talks)
Video 2                              (My week with IPKKND)
Video 3                        (Arnav and his Brain Cells)
Video 4                                             (IPKKND Misses)


  1. Sree aka Uniquebluerose26 February 2012 at 09:28

    Awww that was lovely set of reactions from lovely face......and hey you got a marriage proposal......hmmm then will accept my friendship proposal.....I would even suggest marriage but then bad luck I am girl!!!!!
    So coming to your reaction yes exactly even i feel the same...... But you should have watched the mami and payal was so funny i just laughed when when payayl got all flustered and tensed......and yes when Arnav kicked Khushi our i was worried.....but then even he was tensed!!!

    1. Aww thank you much Sree ! Yea, it was only a joke, but it made me smile nevertheless, and I have already accepted your friendship proposal dear friend :)
      Hahahah what a shame :) We would have been a fabulous couple ;p

      I did watch bits of it, it may have been interesting, but gosh, I just have issues with extended saas-bahu scenes ! I watched Arnav being tensed, more than once :D

      Ahh hopefully, this weeek won't be as painful, thank you so much for the comment Sree !

  2. that was fantastic! YOU made the terrible week hangover sooo much better. great work!

    1. Aww thank you Jaya, glad you liked it :)


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